Why Seafood Is The Best

 Seafood is great. The scrumptious goodness of seafood is heavenly, and to anyone who says otherwise, it’s a little bit fishy.

Seafood has been with us for a very long time. It is the main source of food and protein for many living in the coastal areas whether you are on the coast of Italy, or Greece, or the Maldives you have a certain affinity with seafood. It is a staple in their life. Compared to the meaty goodness of beef and chicken, it is top-notch in both taste and nutrients. But if we don’t live in a coastal area, it might be hard to get our hands on something besides meat and chicken. Animal Meat is for us land folks. But every once in a while, we deserve a wonderful treat with seafood.

We could go on and on about how heavenly seafood is. If you are not on the internet to buy fresh fish online Malaysia yet, let us convince you why you should jump on the bandwagon of seafood obsession with us.  Seafood is the absolute best for so many reasons. And it should make an appearance on our dining table at least once a week!

Seafood Is So Delicious

Obviously, it’s delicious. Some people say it is an acquired taste. But we cannot deny that its sweet, crunchy deliciousness won’t bore us. Whether we are taking a bit off a fish or we are taking a bit off a crab, lobster or shrimp there is a taste for all of us.

The best part about seafood is it can be made in so many different ways for your family and friends. Do you prefer fried food? No, worries. Seafood can be fried, deep-fried, steamed, grilled, charred, and literally anything your heart desires.

Seafood Is Easy To Prepare (And So Quick!)

Seafood can make your life so easy. They can be frozen and ready to eat within fifteen to thirty minutes. Your fish might need some time to thaw but once it is done it can take less than thirty minutes to prepare for your entire family and even yourself. If you are not up for a lot of fancy chopping you can easily whip your fish to make a nice soup.

Just grab your choice of fish, boil it with some salt, add in your choice of spices, pop in some onions, carrots, lime juice, and anything your heart desires. It will make a great side for your rice or even your choice of bread. Have you heard of shrimp Aglio Olio yet? The easiest way to make pasta combined with the most delicious seafood? Say no more, we are here to devour.

Seafood Comes In So Many Different Forms

Versatility has no end in seafood. Do you fancy crunchy? Get some shrimp. Something delicate and light? Here comes salmon to your rescue. Fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, mussels, octopus, all go well on so many different sides. Whether you are making some sushi rice, pasta, bread, a burger, pizza, seafood goes with all of them and there are so many varieties of seafood to choose from.

Hope you give seafood a very open-minded chance and enjoy it!

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