TOP: 4 tips for playing with masturbators

Masturbators are ideal erotic toys both to enjoy a moment alone and to play with your partner. For many specialists in sexual health, the game is an essential ingredient to promote eroticism in the couple – especially if there are many years of the company. For this reason, the masturbator is a useful tool to diversify pleasure both individually and as a couple. 

What is a masturbator?

Masturbators are exclusive erotic sex toys Malaysia for bodies with a penis. This is because the masturbator is shaped like a hole that resembles the shape of a vagina, mouth, or anus. 

There are very basic masturbators; even the most innovative ones, which combines virtual reality with sensitive technology. Some have all kinds of speeds and vibrations. Others, it only requires the dexterity of a hand that knows how to know the pleasant sensations of the body. But above all, it is always recommended to use a masturbator with lubricant to intensify the sensations and soften the caresses. 

How to introduce a masturbator in sex?

Introducing a masturbator into sexual practices in the couple needs to be seen as a new dish on the menu. As a way to introduce new pleasant sensations, enjoying the intimacy generated by this unique erotic toy to the fullest. 

Here are some tips and recommendations on how to introduce a masturbator in sex with your partner: 

By surprise. Cover your partner’s eyes, without saying anything. It stimulates all parts of your body except your erogenous zone. Put a little lubricant in the masturbator and, without him imagining it, start using it, paying attention to the moans of your partner. Find out how and with what speed it will produce more and more pleasure. 

To have sex without penetration. In case of not being able or wanting to have penetrative sex, the use of a masturbator can be a useful tool to vary the pleasurable sensations. Add a vibrating gel or lubricant. 

As a complement to other sexual practices. Use the masturbator together with a harness or strap-on. While the couple is wearing the harness, the sensation of pleasure can be diversified by using the masturbator. Use it in the shower. Without a doubt, self-eroticization is always pleasant during a hot shower. So inserting the masturbator during a pleasant shower. It will be without a doubt, a winning choice.

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