Pregnancy & Childbirth

Carrying a baby is happiness!

For some reason, I was always afraid of this. Maybe because in the 90s after graduation, dad and mom, showing on the street yesterday schoolgirls walking with huge bellies, said: “Just try, bring in the hem!”. And it was imprinted in the brain, I was afraid of pregnancy and then at 17, and then, after graduating from college and getting a job, and then, and then. Yes, and marriage, too. Or maybe it was fear not of pregnancy, but of something else? Fear of disappointing my parents, they wanted me to first achieve success in life, and then start a family.

But once everything changed dramatically, HE appeared in my life – that one and only one. Going on a honeymoon in Europe, I did not think that the heart of a little man was already beating inside me. Many say – they waited, wanted, dreamed. I didn’t understand. When the doctor showed an ultrasound scan of a small ball, which was only a month with the little ones, completely at a loss: I did not believe, did not understand what was happening and what I needed to do now.

Several months have passed. Only my husband and I knew about this miracle, which they themselves did not believe in. They were afraid to break happiness, quiet and such is ours, so they did not say anything to anyone. They decided: as soon as the tummy appears, everyone will see for themselves. I enjoyed the fact that, in spite of everything, my stomach was tiny, but at the same time everything was in perfect order. Only with time I realized what an inexplicably pleasant feeling this is when a little man is born and grows in you. Our gentle girl sometimes tapped, sending greetings. My eyes turned blue and blue, my hair was like silk, my skin just breathed freshness and purity – I never felt so beautiful. I have never heard so many compliments, as in this period, in my address. And it’s just that people stopped on the street and said how beautiful I am!

The tummy began to appear by the eighth month. I was released on maternity leave, without understanding anything: there are no huge forms, only a certificate from the antenatal clinic. Three times a week I went to the pool, it helped to keep my figure in shape, and indeed the water positively affected my condition. I felt just great. The internal state pleased me no less. Everything has changed: the world, the people around – everything … And every cell of my body hid in anticipation. I wanted to sing – I sang, dance – danced. I felt the need to create and see the beautiful around me, to absorb the joy of being. It was the most pleasant period of my life, because to conceive, bear and give birth to a child is such a happiness for a woman, a magnificent gift, a sacrament. Only after the birth of a baby do you begin to understand the meaning of many things. At first you are a whole world for a child,

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