Swamp duckweed is a folk remedy!

I want to talk about a recipe that helped my grandmother. After a severe sinusitis, she lost her sense of smell. I could not even believe that my grandmother, Vera, who loved me so little, to go out on the meadow and enjoy the smell of field herbs, completely lost the feeling of these aromas.

Moreover, she did not smell at all!

In 1985, my husband, learning that a wonderful healer grandfather Vasil lives in Truskavets, drove his grandmother to him in his car.

And grandfather Vasil is what he advised.

In the middle of summer, water begins to “bloom” on ponds, lakes, and rivers. The surface of the reservoirs at this time is covered with grass – marsh duckweed. So this same duckweed needs to pick up five handfuls, let it drain, dry it a bit in the shade, and then it is desirable to dry it in a Russian oven (but it can also be in an oven) until it dries completely.

Then grind the dry duckweed in a coffee grinder and prepare the ointment according to the following recipe. Mix nine parts of dry duckweed and one part of rural homemade cow butter (grandfather Vasil called it “quick-frying” butter), mix in a glass vial and store in a cool dark place. The proportions of duckweed and oil must be observed exactly!

With this ointment, my grandmother lubricated her nose every day, trying to do this as deeply as possible. I remember my grandmother smeared for six months, as she had no sense of smell for more than a year.
Another grandmother went to the meadow every day. And the first smell she smelled was the smell of a haystack. My grandmother began to be treated in the summer, and was cured in the winter.

G.P. Depidenko, Kherson region

In no case do not bury Naphthyzinum in your nose!

IF you have lost your sense of smell, which usually happens with colds, then do not drip Naphthyzinum in your nose, as it causes swelling inside the nose (I experienced all this on myself).

If you feel that your nose is “running”, pour better into the palm of your urine and draw it in with your nose. Then, tilt your head back, so wait a moment. Then close one nostril and blow your nose out of the other [with the one that’s closed, then blow your nose out too). And do it as many times as you urinate. And you will not need any Naphthyzinum, and you will breathe easily and freely. I used to have a dozen bottles of Naphthyzin in my refrigerator, but for twenty years now, I don’t even remember about it. To return the sense of smell, you need to go to the UHF and do 5-6 sessions on the nose. And the smell will return to you. Only after that do not use
Naphthyzine, as you may lose it again.

L.V. Kalinko, Dnipropetrovsk region

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