Diets & Correct Nutrition

Diet Effect

The beach season is coming soon! Is your figure ready for the sea and the beach? You don’t have much time left to put in order your waist, buttocks and other parts of the body. Hurry up! To catch “hungry” looks of handsome men on the beach in a month.

American dermatologist Nicholas Perricone has developed a diet whose main goal is to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, and at the same time lose weight. The main product of this food system is salmon and other fatty fish, which should appear on the table at least 10 times a week. Essential polyunsaturated fatty acids in their composition maintain water balance and smooth the skin, B vitamins – improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to skin cells, hair follicles and nails.

Other essential components of the diet are berries, fruits and vegetables, which contain nutrients necessary for nourishing the skin. This avocado, sweet pepper, pumpkin, spinach, melon, mushrooms, all kinds of cabbage and basil. Due to the starch content, corn, bananas, potatoes and rice will have to be abandoned. Of all types of meat, only chicken or turkey can appear on the table. The ban also covers all sweets, including honey, hard cheeses, all cereals, except oatmeal, carrots, grapes, oranges, dried fruits and watermelons.

-7 kg in 1 month
I read a lot about good nutrition, diets and, of course, I realized that I should lose a few extra pounds. But, as often happens, everything was not enough. And the husband said that he liked me and such. 64 kg is not much, I reassured myself. But once I weighed 50 kg!

There was exactly a month left until the New Year, and I decided to try. I didn’t starve myself, but I stopped eating after six and generally began to eat less. When the hunger was strong, she allowed herself some fruit or low-fat yogurt.

That’s my whole diet! Most importantly, it was not difficult to endure. As a result, I lost 7 kg! I am very pleased with my result!

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