Wedding manicure

Wedding manicure

The bride should be perfect to the very tips of the fingers. Well-groomed hands and a neat manicure will make the bride even more charming.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to wedding manicure. Do not do manicure yourself. It is best to trust the experts.

The most popular manicure option was French manicure. It is perfect for a wedding celebration. The color scheme of manicure can be very diverse. White, peach, mint and pink shades are in fashion. You can complement the French manicure with the help of various patterns, rhinestones and sequins.

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In 2016, a wedding manicure with drawings and prints is in fashion . This manicure gives sophistication and personality. For example, you can apply a complex pattern to your ring finger.

Another fashion trend of wedding manicure 2016 is a fan-french manicure. This type of manicure involves the use of bright colors. In this case, you can combine the color of manicure with the color of the bridal bouquet or with the color of the boutonniere.

For unsolicited nails, a manicure in the style of nail art is ideal . It involves a wide selection of decorative elements for decorating nails, many voluminous details and variations. You also need to take care of your liver aside from your nails and maybe try to avoid frozen food.

Finally, for extravagant women, a red manicure is suitable. It looks bright and festive.

Thus, in 2016, you can choose one of the many options for a bright and festive holiday manicure.

Source: Kodi Professional ™ website .

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