The Types of Web Design

The Types of Web Design

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Before creating any type of website for your business, the very first thing you need to know what are the types of web design available in the market. Why is it so important to understand the type of web design before creating one for your own? Do you know to have a good web design Malaysia it will help you to reduces a lot of unnecessary advertising cost?

The internal elements to make a “good” web design impression starts from the colours, images, typography, consistency and the overall feeling that given to the audience. All these factors are the one that affects the overall impression of the website and also the one that affects everything. Always focus on your content in your website.

Besides of the internal design, people will also concern about the external factor which is the loading speed and the clear navigation to direct them into a new page.

The types of web design including responsive web design, fixed web design and fluid web design. Responsive Web Design (RWD) will help to make the website page size to be fitted on all type of device, so that it will help the website seems more flexible.

Different content in different devices will have to expand and reduce the size, RWD will be predetermining the issue of this. The quality of the image and video included in the website will be download differently and is depends on the internet connection.

Fixed Web Design are based on standard width in all different device, different device will have different viewing experience. This will be one of the main obstacles for fixed web design as it annoys most of the people while visiting your website. Fixed web design does not show the flexibility of the website and is not mobile friendly which is the reason that have a huge impact on affecting the visiting experience.

Last but not least, Fluid Web Design help your website to be more specific in the percentage section. The proportion of elements will be remaining tidy and neat. Fluid web design will make the page spread itself when they try to resizing the browser. Always be mindful of the keyword you include in your website as well.

Most of the content in each column built by percentage instead in fix column and design. It will also increase and decrease the size automatically.
SEO and web design are best combination to rebirth your website.

In conclusion, to choose the right web design Malaysia that suits your business is to know your target audience first.

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