The story of male cheating. I love him too much!

Upon learning of my husband’s infidelity, I nearly died of grief and rushed to my best friend to cry in a vest. Wise Lenka immediately rejected the idea of ​​divorce.

Natalia, 35 years old

I went where my eyes look. Although just my eyes, filled either with tears or the first spring thunderstorm, did not see anything. “Divorce, immediately, tomorrow I’ll write a statement! – convinced herself, but the decision scared her inevitability. – Divorce? Oh my god, I’ll be left alone, but what about Dinka? How can she say – she loves dad after all! .. Bastard, what a bastard he is, I hate !!! And that snake … warmed up, but I was pretending to be my friend … ”

The stream of consciousness was interrupted by a squeal of brakes – I barely managed to bounce onto the sidewalk, the driver turned the steering wheel, and the car almost hit a pole. A furious man jumped out of it:

“Are you tired of a goat?”
– What? – sobbing, I asked.
– Yes, I’m tired …

Seeing my face, with lipstick smeared on the lips and drips of mascara, the driver quickly plunged back into the car, throwing over his shoulder: “Crazy” …

This small incident brought me out of a stupor. I took out my mobile: 12 missed calls. “What a bastard! It’s still ringing! ”The clock showed almost twelve nights. Lenkin dialed the number:

– Hello, are you at home?
– Naturally. Are you looking at time?
“I’ll come to you now, can I?”
– Come, of course …

Thank God, not all women are bitch. Lenka is just from among quite respectable (as they would say about 20 years ago) women. However, she was not a blue stocking, and although she raised her son alone, she loved men very much, but she did not sleep with the husbands of her friends out of principle.

– A man should have at least some illusions, but the husbands of my friends completely deprived me of them: absolutely all of them pulled me to bed – not a single exception! This circumstance completely discouraged my desire to get married. And then – I value my friends too much to sleep with their husbands.

“Have you told your friends about this?”
– She gone crazy?! I wouldn’t have any friends left … You know, men are acquiring business, but sincere friend in our time …
– And if my Kostya gets to you, will you tell me?

Never! Do not even hope. But, I think your Kostya will not climb. He is too lazy for this …

– Yes. Kostya is an extremely decent man, ”I said fondly. – I’m lucky!
Lenka didn’t answer, she just grunted and looked at me with interest. I well remember her mocking look. Even then I thought to myself: “He does not believe! What can you get from a divorce … “And after all she was right:” All men are their own … “! And besides, not all women value women friendship as much as Lenka. “Here is this creature, for example, my thoughts have returned to their circles,” she came to my house, at least she ate from my hands. Oh my God! I myself left them alone, being confident in him and her infallibility … ”

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Ten minutes later I just collapsed into the arms of my friend:
“ I have trouble, ”I whispered.
“I guess you weren’t just going to have a cup of tea at one in the morning,” grumbled Lenka. – Take off your shoes … Lord! Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Where have you been?
“I don’t care now.” Life is collapsing! I sobbed.
– Say one thing: is Dinka alive?
– Yes, everything is normal with Dinka.
– Yeah. Well, then we will collect your life. Just come on without tantrums and in order. Here, have a drink … – she handed the brandy to the glass. – So who is this rubbish-destroyer of the family hearth? – Lenka asked in a businesslike way. – You know her?

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I, not even surprised at her insight, called the name of a common acquaintance. Lenka did not believe:
– It can’t be! Are you sure it is her, or is it speculation?
– Lena, I accidentally got into the pictures on her computer! Oh my god, they are there together, in an embrace in some room, half-dressed … Oh! I screamed again. – What to do?
“I don’t think you hit them by accident.” Most likely, she specially slipped them to you. Where is the photo from?
– From a camel … From Lviv!
– This is when he went on a business trip like? – asked Lenka.
– Yes, exactly then.

My phone rang again. I turned it off and threw it back into my bag with hatred.

– Is that Kostya? – Lenka asked. – He called an hour ago.
– Yes? And what did he say?
– What did you quarrel. Asked to call back if you show up.
“Do not call,” I ordered, “let this bastard be tormented.” I divorce. Tomorrow I’ll file an application …
– It will always be in time. You need to start from another …
– Why else, if the fact of betrayal is evident?
– Hold on, Natasha, something is wrong here. I have to listen to the other side …
– Who? This … – I swore.
– Quiet, you’ll wake up the baby. Not this one! The second side is your husband Konstantin, and this one is generally a foreign body.
“You think he doesn’t love her?”
– Ltd! Yes, you, I see, are completely crazy! Love has nothing to do with it … I suspect that it happened by chance. Kostya yours, like a true hussar, could not refuse a lady, and then he got involved – he cannot untie …

– Tell me please – hussar! What did he miss? Where will he find one? I work for two, I don’t give him anything, the house is licked, a three-course dinner … And in bed, I’m sorry for my frankness, I’m doing all his quirks!

“It’s good to be in bed,” Lenka laughed, “and working for two is superfluous.”

– Kostya looked after me beautifully, and I married him not so much for love, as I succumbed to his persuasion. But after the wedding, everything somehow quickly began to change. After the birth of Dinka, I suddenly caught myself thinking that I could not live a day without Kostya, that I was panicky afraid of losing him. And then I began to prove my love to him, trying to surround with care and comfort as much as possible. Kostya did not demand anything, but he took everything for granted: my night shifts, while he stopped working at all, and my refusal of a new coat in favor of his spinning, and my rest with his mother and Dinka on instead of going to Slovakia with him to go skiing in the winter. Kostya shared the best piece with Dinka and occupied the most convenient place on the sofa. If boxing was on TV, then even my daughter could not pretend to be cartoons,

This did not annoy me: if only Kostya and Dinochka were fine. It seemed to me that Kostya was quite pleased with such a life. As it turned out, not quite …

– What to do, Len? Divorce?

I trusted Lenka and expected from her the only correct answer.

– No, we won’t get divorced! – categorically stated Lenka. – But scare, perhaps, is worth it. You love him too much.

I breathed a sigh of relief: since Lenka says not to get a divorce, then there is another way.

– What do you mean too much? Remember, you yourself said that there is never much love.
– It doesn’t happen much, but too much – it even happens! You simply did not leave him a place, not only for the manifestation of your own feelings, but even for signs of life! You have it, like a cactus – it only absorbs!
“It’s true,” I thought, thinking. “So he is even better.” No worries.
“Do not doubt that he is better.” But remember the classic: “Do not let your soul be lazy! So as not to crush the water in the mortar, the soul must work day and night, and day and night! ”So Kostya is tired of doing nothing.

In general, the drawn up plan was surprisingly simple: I had to temporarily, under the pretext of “think about the future and assess the prospects of living together”, excommunicate my husband from home. I was afraid – what if they would lead me away! But Lenka persuaded: “They won’t take me away – not a cow. And he won’t even go anywhere, but there will be a reason to think. ”

Having returned home in the morning, I found my husband cleaning the apartment. The room was decorated with an expensive bouquet. Kostya was silent and unhappy. My heart sank with pity, but the formidable Lenkin index finger (“Don’t you dare to regret!”) Loomed in front of my mind’s eye.

“Kostya …” I began decisively.
“Nata, don’t say anything.” I love only you and Dino, I don’t need anyone else. It was … just like that, I don’t know how it happened.

I was dumbfounded. Kostya, not letting me come to his senses, continued:

– I’m even glad that you found out that it was all over. Let’s forget …

I stiffened with all my might:
– Kostya, we better live separately … – and with gloating, noticing fright in his eyes, she clarified:
– Temporarily … We, and you and me, need to think about what to do next. Take a break from each other. So go back to your mother, especially since she always secretly believed that I was not your couple.
– But I already thought! Kostik almost shouted.
– But not me.

And proudly retired to the bedroom. Five minutes later, the front door slammed. I jumped out into the corridor and burst into tears.

– Lenka, he left, completely gone! I screamed into the phone.
“Calm down,” my friend exhorted me. “He’ll be back, he’s not getting anywhere from you and Dinky.” I advise you very much: stand at least a week. It’s necessary.

But … I could not stand it.

Kostya came in a day with two large packages, put them on the threshold:
“This is a potato so that you don’t carry heaviness and Dinke has juices,” he paused, stomped: “Well, have I gone?” The heart trembled.
– How is it going? What do you eat? I asked.
“Don’t worry, I’m not hungry, I was eating sandwiches,” Kostya hastened to completely ruin me. “What will I regret for my husband, even the former,?” A traitorous thought entered.

… Kostya and I are still together. Periodically, he does a spring cleaning in the house and decorates the apartment with expensive bouquets.

You say I’m all to blame? Perhaps … I guess I love him too much …

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