The Purpose of Golden Ratio

The Purpose of Golden Ratio

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Many people don’t really understand the purpose of using golden ratio for the website. Before applying the golden ratio in your website, you first need to understand the purpose of using the golden ratio as part of your Web Design Malaysia.

So, how to actually use the golden ratio in a right way? In mathematical perspective, 1.618 is a number that considered to be the golden ratio. This specific ratio helps in creating proportions that mostly used by the architecture, photography, design and many more that required professional measurement. You find most of the user interface (UI) designer will use this tool.

User interface (UI) designer uses the golden ratio to set the layout for the website. Why is it so important to focus on the layout? Most of the unsuccessful website that failed to attract customer to stay is because they did not focus on the measurement of the website.

The golden ratio can help to define the page width and height of the toolbar, panels of the overall visual perspective. Most of the time we will see more grids is because they divided the golden ratio space and allows us to know the centre of the images.

When it comes to typography, golden ratio provides a guideline of the text size in different position. The basic theory is to use a larger font size for the heading and the fonts size will eventually become smaller when it comes to the content part.

There are no perfect such thing in this world, so does the golden ratio number. Not every website suitable to use golden ratio measurement tool as it required many guidelines to create a proportions in the design part. Usually you will easily notice businesses like more focus on marketing and advertising will imply golden ratio measurement tools to design their website, together with SEO, it depends on how you do the write up in your website.

The golden ratio can be applied to anything. It doesn’t matter you are using golden ratio for architecture purpose, photograph purpose, or design purpose, it is a useful tool to make everything to become more systematic and reliable.

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