The Best Signage for Advertising

When trying to promote your company and it’s products to the public, you need to find the most effective way to do so. Now, of course, there is digital marketing, and do not get me wrong, it is the most effective way of marketing there is in our digital age. But the thing is, not everyone is on the web 24/7. That is why there is still a market for the signage maker to provide you with effective forms of offline advertising. This is to ensure that even those who are just walking about and minding their own business can still hear about your company and product. But now comes to the question, which form of these signs is the most effective?

Well, it all comes down to what you want! So they all have different advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on how you intend to use them. That being said, here are some forms of offline signage and their advantages in promoting your company.

Indoor Signage

Indoor signage is great for malls, trains stations, office buildings and even some forms of public transport. Great for areas with a lot of people inside. The ideal types of signage for indoors would usually be styrofoam boards, roll-up banners, foamboard printing and so on.

Foamboard printing, for example, can give a smooth finished look to the sign. They are ideal for your graphical designs on your ad and they are lightweight so it is easy to move them about and place them in various permitted locations. They can even be placed on walls! But the disadvantage of foamboard printing is that they are vulnerable to humidity and heat, so in countries with humid climates, it is not advisable that you place the foam signage outdoors. 

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is usually meant to be more robust than its indoor counterparts, this is because the signage needs to brave the elements. They can come in various shapes and sizes and various other materials that are tougher. The most popular material is vinyl. And with good reason! Vinyl is super durable, as an example of their durability, the United States Government uses vinyl to seal military aircraft that is not in use when they put them away in the infamous “Boneyard”.  This is to ensure that the planes are still kept in good condition. So it is no wonder that vinyl is used for outdoor signage as well. 

Other forms of outdoor signage include, like indoor signage, outdoor signage serves the purpose of spreading the word about your company and product, the difference is that outdoor signage is made of materials better suited for the outdoor climate. And they tend to be much bigger in most cases, and sometimes, more expensive.

Indoor & Outdoor Signage

Some types of signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. In fact, it is completely up to you if you want to put the signs in both locations if anything it would be more effective. One type of signage which can be applied for both is window vinyl signs. These are signs which are stuck onto windows either on the inside of a building or outside. You may see many buses or trains using this form of signage around the city. 


The types of signs which you intend to use all comes down to your budget and your aim. Usually, the larger the sign the more expensive, the material of the sign may also add to the cost. Some companies may charge for the complexity of your signage design as well. 

With proper implementation, your signs can be very effective in attracting loads of new potential customers, so ensure to make it stand out when you design it and ensure you choose the right kind of signage when you put it out.

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