Slimming Citric Acid

Many girls dream of losing weight. However, not everyone knows that this can be done even at home, using inexpensive, but effective means. One such remedy is ordinary citric acid, which you can buy at any store. You can study all the advantages and disadvantages of citric acid, the features of its use for various purposes, as well as how to privatize office housing , on the Internet.

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When using citric acid in order to lose weight, you need to follow one of the basic rules. Citric acid should not exceed 5 grams (1 teaspoon without slide) per day. This daily rate is divided into three meals. You need to take half an hour to eat basic food (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

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It is necessary to dissolve the acid well in a glass of water. In no case do not abuse this drink and drink it for a long time without a break. The course of use should not exceed more than 14 days. After the course, it’s good to take a break, rest, at least for a week. Then, you can repeat the adoption of a dietary supplement, if necessary. For the best result, reducing body weight, you need to not only drink an acidic drink, but also follow a diet that should be low-calorie and balanced.

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