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What we usually see online is using SEO Malaysia for boosting website, but how about using SEO in online video media content?

First, you need to master your keywords. Understand your business and use the right keywords related to your video content, as well as your writing content. Analyse what are those keywords that people usually search online.

Second, choose an interesting thumbnail. It is important to know the latest trend by understanding what consumer are looking for. Use those creative keywords that people usually uses to search online.

Third, make your content looks fun! People will always click on the content that seems unique and interesting. Just like you search a video on YouTube, you will use those keywords like the artist name or using those keywords of the particular news of the artist to search the video.

Choose to use designated landing page. Those keywords are from your page title, heading, first paragraph of each content and also the metadata which is the description. So choose wisely the words you use for your title, heading and the first sentence in your first paragraph of each content.

Don’t be selfish to share in different social platform. You need engagement with people and create influences yourself. By promoting your video through different social platform, you can expect people to share your video by sending it individually to their friends, sharing it on their page, this is also one of the best way to increase the traffic.

Next, always include your brand’s logo at the beginning of each video or at the ending of the video. This is the best way to constantly remind your potential audience of your existence.

Also, have transcripts at the ready. Some people would like some privacy of their comment. A transcript of your video allows Google to filter easily. This is one of the best way to benefit on both side, audience receive will their privacy.

In conclusion, SEO Malaysia is an effective advertising strategy to boost up the traffic of the website. It is fun to master in using SEO for your video content. Give SEO Malaysia a chance and give yourself a chance, you will never regret choosing this marketing strategy. Your web design, you rule it.

Oh and, you can check out some of the website that provides mobile apps as well for reference purpose. Good luck.

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