SEO Writing Tips

There is no secret between the contents in your website and SEO Malaysia. Besides design, content is the main purpose for people to visit your website. Your content will affect your SEO keyword and vice versa. Therefore, you need to have good writing skills to provide better contents.

We all know that quality speaks everything. In order to make a specific participant win in a singing competition, the person needs to have the highest voter rate among all, same goes to the website, it needs the highest ranking to be on the first page in SERP. So, here are some tips for better SEO content writing.

First of all, make your target audience priority. Whatever you are writing, make sure you are writing for your target audience, make sure the content related to the purpose of your site.

Second, keep everything on the same page. Get the traffic your website desire. Get the traffic your website desire.

Third, focus on your headlines. The title, the meta descriptions, the first sentence of your content, be mindful of every single word. Always use word that linked with the purpose of your information.

Fourth, organized your posts. In the search engines, use proper tagging headlines to maintain well-structured article in your website. Make sure all of your post in the content part of your website are well structured. Never put everything into “rojak”, always separate the words into small paragraph.

Fifth, share your content in different social media, so whenever people click on the post, it equals to they are visiting your site.

Sixth, build natural link by including your other content link into your post. This will help you to increase the reaching out rate.

Last but not least, always monitor your activity on your web design. Google Analytics keeps you update on the overall result of your SEO activity. SEO and content are both linked. Just like a soulmate, either one of them are missing, the puzzle couldn’t be complete. Always prioritize your keyword, as this the golden opportunity to win new customer.

Oh and one more thing, make sure your every article has a proper introduction, thesis statement, content and a proper conclusion to summarize everything.

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