SAP Consultant Outsourcing Tips

Should you outsource an SAP consultant?

SAP operations are becoming more important for companies. Especially those companies that are still completely operating offline, digital transformation is a must and an SAP consultant is the best ally to be with. This is why most companies these days outsource SAP consultants to stay afloat with the competition.

Are you planning to outsource SAP consultants as well? Sap Support Services Malaysia might be able to help! But before that, here are some tips when outsourcing for SAP consultants:

Tips On Outsourcing SAP Consultants

1. SAP consulting companies are varied in a lot of ways. They have different setups as well as different skill sets when it comes to their consultants. Before choosing one, see to it that your prospect is the perfect fit for the project you have in mind. You have to spend time checking out their sites and so on.

2. Regardless of its SAP expertise, find out if the SAP provider understands your business processes. How long has it been working with SAP? Does it have the in-depth SAP expertise that comes from specialising in SAP or is SAP just one product in its portfolio? You need access to a wide range of skills – typically both technical SAP expertise and process understanding across several functions – so an SAP partner should not just have strong SAP skills, but also know how to apply them to your business processes.

3. Flexibility is quite important when it comes to SAP operations. Thus, you should also check this as you need to be with a partner that is quite flexible in their provided services. By doing this, you won’t be paying for services that you don’t need.

4. You can ensure the competence of an SAP provider by checking that their consultants are certified in their specialist SAP modules. An SAP provider should be dedicated to maintaining its consultants’ skills and knowledge so it’s wise to ask about its commitment to staff training and how much does it invest per annum to keep consultants’ skills up to date? A company that commits to its staff can often sustain low staff turnover which you can take advantage of by forming relationships with its consultants who grow to know and support your business.

5. It is a must that your SAP’s support and maintenance system are provided to an agreed set of measures. An SAP provider must be able to share what SLAs it provides for its support services as well as its track record.

6. Are the SAP support provider’s services accredited to SAP’s Centre of Expertise standard? If so, it has demonstrated to SAP that its support service has met SAP’s rigorous requirements giving you the assurance that the provider is dedicated and committed to its SAP support services Malaysia.

Yes, you cannot just choose your SAP partners randomly as they have a crucial role in your business. How can they do the complicated task if they are hardly capable? You should spend enough time to look for the right one to ensure that you get what you want from them.

If you’re interested to see the day in the life of an SAP Consultant, you may watch the video below:

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