In the name of a loved one

One day at the end of the working day, Vlad went to the reception and whispered to the woman sitting there: “I need to urgently talk to you.” The woman’s name was Lena, they were friends for a long time, they trusted each other with all their secrets. And Vlad recently appeared a very important secret. She fell in love!

Third superfluous
On Victor involuntarily the gaze lingered. He was fair-faced and dark-haired, with his long fingers he tapped the keyboard so deftly, so easily understood the system of bank payments … And he was always ready to explain what was happening. Of course, all the girls in the department looked at him with interest. But Julia managed before everyone else. Nobody had time to look back, but they were already leaving together and came holding hands. Their relationship was no secret to anyone and threatened to grow into marriage.

Vlad in this situation was the third superfluous. But what to do? She tried not to look at him, assured herself that she wished him happiness … But as soon as Victor went into the office, spoke, and Vlad’s heart beat like a bird in a cage and strove to jump out to meet him. She would not have thought of interfering in a developing novel, she would have suffered in silence, if not for one thing: she knew that Julia has a “reserve player”.

– Are you sure? Lena asked her friend when they went into a cozy cafe on the next street late in the evening to discuss all the details of the difficult situation in which the girl was involuntarily.
– Still would! – sighed Vlad.

Lena was surprised once again: why did love bypass such a cute Vlad? And where are the guys looking? She would be a man, she would marry her. And how do you want to visit children’s online store to choose the best for the child. What will be the fate of Vlada further?

“We somehow sat in a cafe for the whole female company,” Vlada continued, “and Julia did not hesitate to say that if not Victor, there is someone to do it … And I had to hear that! And then also stumble upon her with this “spare” in the cinema. I feel so sorry for him – my heart breaks …
– Leave everything as it is, – said Lena. – Now let him burn himself, since he didn’t love you. “No, you need to open his eyes,” Vlada answered. – Maybe you say?

After all, if I do it myself, the girl thought, he will immediately decide: I want to quarrel him with my beloved! .. Because I can’t hide my sympathy for him, and everyone can see it …

But my friend stubbornly shook her head.

Small talk
On Valentine’s Day everyone was in a hurry to run away from work. So Julia rode home, throwing on the go:
– Vityushka! Meet me!
Victor frowned with concern: urgent matters remained. They were also found at Vlada … After a couple of hours they locked the office together and entered the elevator. Between the third and fourth floors, the cabin twitched and froze.
“What the …” Victor pressed the dispatcher call button.
The attendant assured that she would send mechanics. Victor dialed the number.
– Yulia, I’ll linger … Stuck in our elevator. It’s okay, I’ll be released soon!
– And how are you? Not afraid? He asked Vlad.
“Not at all,” she lied. Victor was nervous. Vlad was also
embarrassing. But there is nothing to do – all that was left was to calm down and wait for the repairmen. In order to somehow escape, they began to talk about the latest Tarantino films, then smoothly switched to a fashionable artist who paints in the naive style … It turned out that they have so many similar tastes! But suddenly Victor looked at his watch.

“We’ve been hanging around here for half an hour,” he said in annoyance and pressed the button again.
“The mechanics are delayed,” a female voice said calmly.
“They will arrive no earlier than two hours later, they have an urgent emergency call.”
It was evident that Victor was upset.
“Julia,” he called the girl again, “I’m sorry, I won’t be able to come to you today … And it is necessary for this to happen, as luck would have it, on Valentine’s Day!”

He explained about the mechanics, scolded the elevator, but what can you do.

“Don’t worry, I understand that the night is coming soon,” answered Julia. She spoke so loudly that everything was heard. – Hold on! Do you want me to come to the office and amuse you through the door? She giggled.
– What are you, why do you need to go around the night city? And then, I’m not alone here …
– And with whom?
“With Vlad from our department,” Victor muttered, feeling awkward.
“Ah,” said Julia defiantly, “aren’t you bored ?!” Be healthy!

Vlada pretended not to hear anything, and at a glance she continued a casual conversation. It turned out that they both submitted documents to the printing institute. And in one year! .. And both did not work out. What a coincidence!

As soon as the conversation turned into a hot conversation of old friends with exclamations “Do you remember …”, “And here’s another …”, the elevator doors slid open. Mechanics arrived.
– At last! – Victor ran down. – It’s not too late to Yulechka!

The naked truth
Vlad went to the parking lot, got into the car and saw that Victor was still here. Raising the hood, he fussed around the engine.
– Sit down, give a ride! – sighed, invited Vlad.

At the house of Julia, he jumped out of the car, forgot to even thank, flew into the third floor and pressed the call button. No one answered, then he called again. Then the door opened and … Julia, wrapped in a towel, appeared before him.

– You?! She marveled. – But …
– Julia, who else is there? – a discontented male voice was heard …
… A year has passed. Vlad entered the building. In her hands was a box with a cake.
– Oh, Vlad! – Lena rushed towards her friend. – You have become more beautiful, shine!
“Caution,” she pointed to a bulging tummy.
– Will you give birth soon?
– Less than a month is left … I came to thank you for dissuading me from interfering then … You know, I understood – if it is fate for people to be together, this will definitely happen! Sooner or later … The patron of all lovers helped us!
– You are happy?
– Yeah. And imagine, since then I like to ride in the elevator! Together with your beloved.