Proximity is a powerful weapon. How do we use it?

To the goal through the bed

Intimacy serves to procreate and strengthen ties between partners. But is it just for this? What else do we use sex for?

From sociological surveys it follows that most of the inhabitants of our country (80%) have sex for pleasure. However, it often happens that we use bed games for completely different – selfish purposes. Frank Heitzak and Patricia Garwood, authors of Why We Sleep Together, list seventeen different reasons people have sex. The range of these factors is quite wide. This is the need to confirm their own sexuality, and the desire for detente, and the manifestation of superiority over a partner, and ordinary boredom. However, sex as a way to kill time or relieve stress is not so bad. Of course, provided that both sides want the same thing. Worse, if one of the partners uses sex, believing that the second should deserve it.

Sex is a powerful weapon, especially in the hands of a person who has less erotic needs. Then he can twirl the chosen one as he wants. Prolonged abstinence leads to the fact that a person whose temperament is stronger is ready to do a lot for one intimacy with a partner.

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However, men and women are not equal on the issue of showing interest in sex. It is easier for women to pretend and portray violent passion. If a woman wants something from a man, she may try to get it in return for sex. It is more difficult for men to trade sex because they cannot pretend that they have an erection. Often partners use sex for reconciliation after quarrels. However, reconciliation in bed is a fairly common practice, but … dangerous. After all, such sex does not happen for pleasure, but for pretending to each other, as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, the problem still exists, only now it will remain hidden under the covers. Often, sex is also a way to solve personal problems. People who cannot cope with difficulties and complexes run away from them in sex. Some believe that sexual rapprochement is able to replace intimacy. Many people (and not necessarily lonely ones) have sex to fill their spiritual void. Often a person consciously goes to bed with someone to raise his own self-esteem. Such sex is rarely a real pleasure. But it is he who makes the two lovers a whole and gives joy.

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Aggressive passion

Sometimes one of the partners tries to treat their own complexes with the help of aggressive behavior in the bedroom. Of course, it happens that both partners love “hard” sex, but such situations are quite rare. If one side does not accept such behavior, then it absolutely must not agree! Unfortunately, the most commonly used side is a woman who does not have enough strength to resist her partner.

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