Periodontal disease is a concern. What to do?

Spring exacerbation

What threatens periodontal disease?
In this disease, an infection in the plaque or carious tooth penetrates the interdental gaps and gums. They blush, swell and bleed. There is a persistent bad breath. Inflammation of the soft tissues of the gums develops – gingivitis, and then deeper tissues at the root of the tooth. If this process is not stopped, the periodontium – the ligamentous apparatus of the teeth – will collapse.

How is periodontal disease treated?
There are non-surgical and surgical treatments for periodontal disease. At an early stage, anti-inflammatory gum therapy and professional dental hygiene help. By removing tartar containing a large number of pathogens and traumatic surrounding tissue, the doctor polishes the teeth. If necessary, they are treated with special pastes and sealants. To improve blood circulation, physiotherapy and gum massage are prescribed.

In case of deep dental deposits, stones are removed using special tools and ultrasound (curettage). Laser therapy will also help to quickly stop the pathogenic process.

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How to prevent ailment?
Watch for hygiene. At least twice a day, brush your teeth with massaging movements in a circle. Do not forget to rinse your mouth after each meal and floss interdental gaps. Round floss – for wide gaps between the teeth, flat – for a dense dentition. You can choose waxed or non-waxed dental flosses, and even with special preventative impregnations that strengthen tooth enamel in hard-to-reach places.

Use an irrigator – a water jet washes away the remains of food, massages the gums, and also partially removes a soft coating from the surface of the teeth, tongue, gums.

To make your smile always irresistible, visit your dentist regularly. After all, the sooner treatment is started, the less effort and money will be spent on recovery.

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