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How to do a manicure?

Many people think that varnished nails are a ready-made look for well-groomed hands. But this is far from the case. If you want to have truly well-groomed hands and nails, then you need to follow certain complex ...


Periarteritis nodosa

First of all, about those diseases that can be partially treated, even if official medicine copes with them with great difficulty or does not cure at all, and the disease becomes chronic. These are general atherosclerosis , cerebral ...


Wedding manicure

Wedding manicure

The bride should be perfect to the very tips of the fingers. Well-groomed hands and a neat manicure will make the bride even more charming.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to wedding manicure. Do not do manicure yourself. It ...


I have oily skin

I have oily skin.

I have oily skin. On the face and chest there are many black dots and red pimples. I make expensive cleanings and masks in the beauty salon, but it helps for a while. Can I ...


I want to bathe in your love

Alas, passion is a wayward girlfriend and can somehow fade away imperceptibly. When this happens, it is impossible to predict, but to regain feelings … If you still have the remnants of Puritanism, leave them aside!

Romka, ...