Maternity leave is a long-awaited travel time

Understanding that pregnancy is not a serious illness that needs to be ashamed allows modern women not only to wear elegant evening dresses, while in an interesting position, but also to travel. Many future mothers decide not to spend maternity leave lying near the TV, and go to inspect all kinds of sights, which simply was not possible to visit because of the busy work schedule. Often, doctors observing pregnancy even recommend such trips.

First of all, when traveling, you need to choose a reliable companion. If the visit to the Hermitage or the Egyptian pyramids does not fit into the spouse’s plans, and he plans to take a vacation when the child is already born, then you can invite a responsible girlfriend or relative with you. Such a person will help with luggage, and in case of unforeseen difficulties, he will not leave him in trouble.

Now you should take care of a comfortable room. The cost of the hotel St. Petersburg in the center may differ significantly from similar offers on the outskirts of the city, however, the saved difference will have to be spent on a taxi. Better to stay in a comfortable room more expensive than spending valuable time daily on your way to the sights. If the trip is planned for the New Year holidays, or is dedicated to any cultural event, it is better to book a room in advance.

Contrary to the widespread myth that during pregnancy it is better not to fly on airplanes, most air carriers provide this service. Of course, before the trip you should pay a visit to the doctor. He will recommend remedies for motion sickness in an airplane, and will tell you how to avoid unpleasant edema. If the doctor forbids the flight, you can go on a welcome voyage by train.

Fortunately, a modern woman earns quite enough and can afford, instead of her husband’s humble expectation from work, to see Paris, visit Copenhagen, swim in the sky-blue ocean. And maternity leave for such purposes is a great time! Subsequent trips with the baby in her arms will no longer be so comfortable. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to see the world right now. By the way, your trip will benefit your child only – you share all your positive emotions with him. So he will well accept such a change of scenery. Just do not forget about safety measures.

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