Maternity Bandage: To Wear or Not To Wear

A second-hand men’s clothing store can be a great option for choosing home suits that you don’t mind wearing. Pregnant women often think about the bandage in the later stages, when the gynecologist has already indicated that it should be used. From the point of view of men, a future mother does not need a bandage, since it partially compresses the blood vessels, and also worsens the blood supply to the baby, while reducing its mobility.

But for medical reasons, a pregnant woman still needs a bandage, for example, to reduce the large load on the spine. The bandage is recommended to be worn by women who are afraid of stretch marks on their stomachs and who wish to prevent their appearance.

If you constantly move actively, walk a lot, but you don’t have the opportunity to slow down, just the bandage will give you the opportunity to get rid of the unpleasant sensations in the lumbosacral area.

Some pregnant women use a bandage so that they don’t worry that they’ll allegedly have an “umbilical cord loss,” so that they don’t have any unpleasant sensations in the last months when they lean forward, for example, cleaning the apartment. In addition, bandages are recommended to be worn during the 2nd and 3rd pregnancy.

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