Life with Frozen Food

Life with Frozen Food

In a world with big flat screen TV’s, refrigerators with wifi, and virtual reality, mankind has flourished with its modernised technology. With kitchen inventions that keep appearing day by day, food can be preserved, stored, prepared, and cooked effortlessly. Gone were the times where food was incredibly difficult to come by and left spoilt in just a short period of time.

The invention of freezing food can be traced back in 1934, when Clarence Birdseye uncovered fish that the Inuit people had caught was in a frozen state right after it being pulled out of water. After the fish it was left thawed out, he discovered to his liking, that the catch was still fresh and ready to be consumed. Since then, freezing food has been a huge role in the preservation of food, especially meats. To make things more clear, though some food are bad for your liver and contains some palm oil, you still can consider purchasing frozen food.

Without freezing our foods, the lifespan of our food is reduced. Although, different types of foods have different expiry dates, depending on whether or not it is frozen or left unfrozen. Generally, we freeze our meat and other processed items. For all types of meat, it can only last two hours out. For chicken meat, freezing it may increase that lifespan drastically as it can last it up until six months or even up to a year. Red meats on the other hand like beef and mutton, it can only remain until four months. The lifespan for frozen fish can also be stretched from four to six months, depending on which species of fish.

In Singapore alone, the frozen food industry is expected to be valued around 140 million by 2024. This big of a market consists of the local retail customers and also local businesses. For singaporean individuals and households, they can get their frozen bits at their nearby supermarket such as cold storage. For businesses, such as hotel chains, caterers, restaurant outlets they can get their necessary frozen items in bulk through wholesale frozen meat singapore outlets.

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