Jobs That Are Underrated

Jobs are as interesting as they come. There are many of them and most of us take on jobs that are relatively well known while considering that the pay for these jobs is relatively acceptable as well. Only a small percentage of us ever take on riskier jobs and hope on for the best. We all know about engineering, practicing law, learning about communications. These jobs are everywhere. They never reduce in demand and always retain the number of people they need to work for it.  So here are some jobs that are underrated and that many of us don’t work for.

There are many architecture firms in Malaysia. But not as many as we would hope for it to be. Being an architect is very tough here unless you work under a company or do it free lance. Many architects work freelance as there is never a constant need for architects in the country. There isn’t much of a need for an architect unless you plan on building a custom home or making your home look creative for your own pleasure. These jobs pay well when you get a contract but soon after will lose it’s income. The job also requires a lot of mathematics, physics skills which many aren’t aware of. Homes require stability to be on and without it, it will crumble. This is the reason why some buildings have cracks and are unstable.

Next is being a dietitian. Learning about food and the way people consume it is a bis part of a dietitian’s life. They study about which food contains what vitamins and allow for better growth and development. Dietitians generally work with athletes or patients with needs. They also work with people who are obese or need dietary advice. The work of a dietitian is never easy as they work with people with all sorts of dietary needs and will need to assist them to improve their lifestyle.  Dietitians also work and talk with many people in their day-to-day life.  

Next, is working as a software engineer. This job is picking up a lot of speed recently and will become one of the most sought-after jobs. The Star recently released a survey that stated software engineering is becoming one of the most sought after jobs in 2020. As the world becomes more IT demanding, software engineering is becoming more demanding for all businesses. Businesses require IT personnel, to help them run their business and secure their data from inside. Businesses also now require software engineers to support their websites and business software that they’re using.  

Finally, whether jobs are becoming more redundant or more needed, we need to be more proactive about what we choose to do. Whether it be becoming an architect or becoming a software engineer, we need to choose jobs that we are able to perform well in. We also should not discriminate against jobs just because they are underrated. Underrated jobs could be the ones running the world in the future just like software engineers.  

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