I want to bathe in your love

Alas, passion is a wayward girlfriend and can somehow fade away imperceptibly. When this happens, it is impossible to predict, but to regain feelings … If you still have the remnants of Puritanism, leave them aside!

Romka, do you remember how we made love under the shower in the pool? – For some reason I was drawn to the memories.
“Of course,” the husband smiles. “You were always afraid that someone would come in or hear, but it was so exciting … I will never forget that time.”
“Unless you forget this,” she said, snuggling tenderly against her beloved.

We sat on a wooden platform by the lake, watching the sunrise. We arrived here two days ago to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of our wedding. My daughter and I stayed with my grandparents, because we wanted to spend these days alone. Wrapping up tightly in a wide sweater, she laid her head on her shoulder and mentally returned to the erotic adventures of our stormy youth.

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“Then I was daring young and full of desire,” stated with sadness. “And now she’s turned into a cold fish.” We need to fix it! ”
– A story about his fantasies – the impression is that Roma is reading my thoughts. “Is there anything else I don’t know about you?”
“What did it cross your mind after so many years?” I smiled slyly.
– Come on, don’t be shy, it’s obvious that you are thinking about something like that now. The more en insisted, the more embarrassed I was. Once upon a time I read in a glamorous magazine that men realize their sexual fantasies at the earliest opportunity, but for women it’s not so. They are constrained by some of their own norms, upbringing and fear of condemnation. “This is true,” I agreed then with the author of the article; But that morning on the lake, everything was different. It seemed that our conversation would end, and no one would ever remember him again.
– I love to watch films in which there are erotic scenes where couples make love in nature, it is so exciting …

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– That’s how? – Romka shrugged playfully. – So what’s the problem?

Then the husband turned to me and began to kiss. Kisses, as always: tender, deep, filled with our mutual love. Roma always kissed beautifully, but here, by the lake, in the morning silence, in the pink light of the rising sun, everything seemed completely different, more sensual. Goosebumps ran through my body with pleasure.

This caused a dual sensation. I was afraid that someone was reading us, and was incredibly excited. Therefore, she immediately lost control of herself and ceased to pay attention to what was happening around, literally dissolving in the Romkina kisses. If, after so many years, we are still capable of such a passion for each other, then it’s not so bad!

Meanwhile, the gentle and demanding palms of her husband penetrated my deep neckline. I moaned.

“Lord, what kind of you I have …” he hesitated, choosing words.
– What? I squinted.
“Beautiful,” he smiled. – And also the most favorite. Come to me …

After a moment, I myself don’t understand how, already lay on my back, and Roma unbuttoned my blouse. Then my husband unbuttoned his bra in one motion, touched my nipple with his lips and drew his tongue around his outline. Forgetting everything in the world, I enjoyed the tenderness of the dear, his caresses, deliberately slow but passionate.

And then there was some kind of crackle nearby.

They’ll get here! I screeched in fright. And I was not mistaken. Some girl with a dog came out from behind the bushes. It was already dawn, and people began to converge on the beach. I regretted that we had to interrupt the love games. She wanted to rise, but Romka kept me in his arms.

– Do not be afraid … Cling to me.

I obeyed. The girl walked a few meters from us. It was evident that she was trying to understand what was happening between us. “Curious Barabara! – smiling, I thought. “Well, let him watch!”

– Gone … I hope we continue? – heard the whisper of her husband.

His hot breath in the lower abdomen pulsed, causing a desire for even more sweet bliss.

I don’t know how long it lasted, but I was fine. Then I spent all day waiting. The husband looked at me slyly, smiling tenderly and winking very promisingly.

“I love you!” – how nice to hear that in fifteen years. I also loved him very much. I watched with pleasure as my husband lights a cigarette, as he prepares us morning coffee or sunbathes in a sun lounger. It gave me incomparable pleasure. Despite his age, Roma would give odds to any young handsome man.

“Beloved … You have such a press,” I said, looking at his bare stomach. Indeed, the figure of Roma is very beautiful, athletic. “My husband is a real superman,” I said to myself and felt proud.

After lunch, Roma and I rented a boat and sailed to the other side of the lake. There they found a wild beach. It was small, but very beautiful, surrounded by young birches, reeds and some kind of dense bush. And not a soul around! Fantasy…

“Let’s have a swim first,” Roma suggested. Plunging, we immediately began to kiss. The palms of her husband wandered around my body, approached the ties of a swimsuit, took off her panties. After a moment, I was completely naked. He also hastily took off his swimming trunks. It was evident that the husband was burning with desire. Having bitten a kiss on Romkina’s lips, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and then closed my eyes to enjoy this moment. The husband is much taller than me, so he stood at the bottom, although I no longer felt the ground under my feet. He grabbed my waist, I hugged his hips with my legs. When Roma touched my chest with her lips, she could not stand it.

– Favourite! Let’s go ashore, please … We fell on the cool soft grass. My husband leaned over me, water was dripping from his hair, and from these cold drops a shiver pierced his whole body. Romka looked at me for a while, and then began to kiss my neck, chest, stomach, from which my breathing became intermittent, and my nipples hardened. I turned my head, hiding my eyes from the sun and watching my husband caress me. With every minute, his touch became more and more frank. But it turned out to be not enough for me: I was eager to merge with my beloved together. And that happened. And How! For a long time we have not had such amazing sex. I wanted to extend these moments, but … Teasing Romka with barely perceptible touches, moaning and slipping away, I carefully threw him off.

– Darling, take a rest …
“But I’m not tired,” the husband protested.
– I believe, but today I command the parade! Romka looked at me in surprise, but nevertheless obeyed. And absolutely did not regret it.

Having a little rest, I showed Roma everything that I was capable of … When it was all over, he pressed me to him and awarded me with a passionate kiss. Then we lay on the shore for a long time, hardly breathing. I didn’t even want to move – they were afraid to spill that blissful state in which both were.

“You are not only the most beautiful, but also the most unusual woman in the world …” Romka whispered gently.

– And you are the best man! You know, I think I fell in love with you again, like I did many years ago.

Kristina, 37 years old

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