How to treat a runny nose during pregnancy?

Runny nose causes discomfort and a lot of inconvenience. A runny nose is often associated with pregnancy. One of the reasons is the suppression of immunity, which makes the expectant mother susceptible to infections. In addition, a pregnant woman in the body in large quantities produces progesterone, which reduces the tone of blood vessels and prevents uterine contractions. In this case, estrogens contribute to the production of mucus. This causes nasal congestion.

With rhinitis or a runny nose, the nasal passages become inflamed and irritated. A runny nose when carrying a baby often appears due to hormonal changes. In most cases, a hormonal runny nose makes itself felt at the beginning of pregnancy. It may also appear due to allergies. A runny nose also appears with acute respiratory infections. Prolonged runny nose can cause sleep disturbances and headaches. This entails increased fatigue and fatigue of the expectant mother. If a runny nose is accompanied by a sore throat, perspiration, cough and fever, then this may be an acute viral infection. As we know, viral diseases are a threat to the baby in the early stages of pregnancy. They can cause impaired embryo development or spontaneous miscarriages.

How to treat a runny nose during pregnancy? The most preferred way to combat the common cold is to instill drops. The use of vasoconstrictor drops when carrying a baby is prohibited. Vasoconstrictors cause spasm of both the leading and the leading capillaries. As a result, the expectant mother becomes addictive akin to a drug. Vasoconstrictor drops (galazolin, naphthyzine) are advised to use a maximum of twice a day (best before bedtime), reducing the dosage. Drops on a natural basis (pinosol) are safe during pregnancy. In addition, it is necessary to rinse the nasal cavity at least twice a day. To do this, use Dolphin, Salin or Aquamaris. To alleviate the condition, you need to lubricate the base of the nose with an asterisk balm or Doctor Mom ointment.

It is also advisable to drink drinks containing vitamin C (rosehip broth, tea with lemon, currant and cranberry juice).

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