How to remove a protruding tummy

Having a stomach that protrudes a little is a fairly common problem among the weak half of humanity. It would seem that the correct diet and regular exercise should easily and quickly put an end to this problem, but far from always so simple.

One of the main reasons for a slightly protruding abdomen is not the presence of several kilograms of excess weight, but increased gas formation in the intestine (flatulence). There are many reasons that can cause this process, but most of them are related to nutritional errors. Often the reason for this phenomenon is the inclusion by most people in their diet of a large number of cruciferous products, to which cabbage and radishes belong. The problem is that they contain vegetable proteins in their structure, which are very poorly digested during passage through the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the frequent ingestion of these products provokes bloating. Such consequences entail the consumption of an excessive amount of foods, which mainly consist of starch, namely millet, corn,

One of the factors that stimulates flatulence is an unbalanced diet. It manifests itself in cases of a person consuming a large number of meat products in his diet, and with all this, the almost complete exclusion of products that consist of fiber. It is fiber that normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, so meat lovers should not refuse to eat plant foods. Also, constipation may be the cause of bloating. In this case, the use of probiotics will help you, as well as a diet that will include a lot of water and citrus fruits.

Another problem that can cause bloating is the presence of problems in the gynecological field. As a result, we can draw such conclusions – if you are still worried about a bulging tummy – then you need to start correcting your body shape by adjusting your diet, attending a antenatal clinic and regular physical education exercises that will help strengthen undeveloped abdominal muscles.

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