How to lose weight without denying yourself your favorite dishes?

Currently, a fairly large number of women are thinking about the right lifestyle, which includes not only playing sports, but also observing the diet. However, out of ignorance, many people believe that a healthy lifestyle means giving up all the delicious dishes that we are used to and which are considered indispensable both on the holiday table and on ordinary days. For example, this is Olivier salad, borsch , various sausages, cheeses and much more.

Olivier according to the rules of healthy nutrition

All these dishes can be prepared as part of a proper diet. For example, in the Olivier salad, the most dangerous ingredients are carrots, mayonnaise and sausage. The absence of a carrot with a high glycemic index in this dish will not make it worse, but rather add some piquancy, so you can delete it from the recipe in general. Mayonnaise can be replaced with homemade sauce, which is made from eggs and olive oil. This sauce favorably emphasizes the taste of products and is much more useful than any purchased counterpart. It is also worth remembering that in the original Olivier recipe sausage did not appear. Instead, poultry or beef meat was used, which makes the dish more tender and refined.

As for soups, including borsch, the main enemy of health in this situation is again carrots and fatty meat. This soup can also be cooked on lean beef broth, and hardly anyone will notice the absence of carrots. The main ingredient in all soups of this plan is sour cabbage, which is not only not dangerous, but also very healthy for its antioxidant properties. Thus, healthy food can include traditional dishes that we are all used to seeing on our tables.

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