How to do a manicure?

Many people think that varnished nails are a ready-made look for well-groomed hands. But this is far from the case. If you want to have truly well-groomed hands and nails, then you need to follow certain complex procedures. They can be performed both in special salons and independently at home.

Most women prefer to do manicure on their own, at home, as it saves time and money. There is not always time to run into the salon and sit there for several hours.

So, how can everyone do such a manicure herself? To begin with, we need nail files, if your nails are strong, then you can take a sand type file, well, and for weak nails or those that are layered – it is better to take a fine-grained nail file. All this can be bought on 4nails. I want to say that iron files are not suitable in any way, this is a relic of the century, the file should be on a cardboard or rubber basis. It is best to file nails while they are dry, because wet after sawing can then peel off. The square shape of the nails is suitable only for owners of long fingers, and the oval shape fits all other types of hands. Also, after sawing, we need to polish our fingernail to align and shine the nail plate, a special polishing file that has four working sides will help us in this, they are mainly indicated by numbers,

After we put our nails in order, we will cuticles. Mostly not trimmed. To do this, apply a special emollient to the cuticles and wait a few minutes. After the cuticles are wet, we push them back, with a special stick (orange stick) with a rubber hoof.

If you have burrs, then you can remove them by steaming your hands in warm baths with the addition of sea salt or special creams, this is at your discretion. After the bath, be sure to treat your hands with a disinfectant, and wipe the tweezers with alcohol. With the help of the processed nippers, we carefully trim the burrs.

After you are done, apply a strengthening or therapeutic varnish on your nails, if necessary. We apply moisturizing cream to our hands with massage movements and all our pens are in perfect order.

Do not forget that this is not a one-time procedure, you need to take care of your hands regularly, then your hands will always be beautiful, well-groomed and healthy.

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