How to Create Keywords List

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There over billions of keywords for us to use in SEO Malaysia, but how to choose the right keyword that suits the best for our website? Don’t panic, all you need to do is creating a list of keywords first.

First, you need to do is beware of the common mistake that people always did. For example, if you would like to start up a bubble tea business, what keyword comes to your mind? Probably will be bubble, bubble tea, drinks, milk tea, trendy drinks.

There are many different kind of keywords for just a specific business. But the sad thing is, those keywords in your mind is also what your competitors uses as well. High traffic is the biggest challenge for us.

There are so many ideas been spreading all around, it is hard for us to really focus on those ideas that considered “new”. Therefore, you need to get some broad list idea, you can use Google AdWords keyword tool to get some idea for your business.

Always, keep an eye on your competitor’s website. You can always observe their website by seeing their latest content from their headings, meta tags, those keywords been highlighted in the paragraph.

You can do a comparison from there between Google keyword tool and the keyword you recognise your competitor used. Make a list of the brands, the similar products you and your competitor that are selling because people will be looking for a specific product that seems more qualified which is the more visitor you got, the higher the chance of people will choose to purchase on your website, as well as your web design.

Last but not least, get the most out of your keyword research. After developing a broad list of local keywords, you will be able to pick the most less use on the website by observing your competitor website and getting some recommendation from Google AdWords keyword tool, it depends on how you form your keyword list, you can always write it down first.

Keyword research is basic and most of the people are not willing to spend the time and effort on doing so. But trust me, it will benefit your website to stand out from the crowd.

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