How To Cook Salmon?

Several species of fish in the Salmonidae Family called Salmon which is Salmon that is quite famous. Have you wondered why many people love to eat salmon and some of them eat it every day? Thinking to eat salmon fresh Malaysia? Thinking to try salmon fresh malaysia ? Why not try to cook it because it will be much cheaper compare when you eat it at a restaurant or hotel that needs much more money.

Salmon has many benefits that actually many people do not know about it. It actually rich with Omega-3 Fatty Acid DHA and also the EPA. When you eat salmon it same as when you eat the fish oil because it has the quite same effect. It also has high Vitamin B which is B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12. So what are you waiting for, try to eat salmon fresh Malaysia right now and you won’t regret it. It also has potassium quite high that can help control if we have low-pressure blood. Water retention also will increase when we always eat salmon. Selenium also can be found on salmon so try salmon fresh Malaysia right now. Other than that, it also contains antioxidant astaxanthin. You can also reduce the risk for the heart attack so go eat salmon fresh Malaysia now.

After read about how many benefits that good for our health. You must want to have it right? Especially after you read this you want to try the benefit of salmon fresh Malaysia. So the first thing is why not prepare the ingredient first. Go buy the ingredient at the nearest supermarket near you and try it now plus the ingredient is really not much but do not forget the important ingredient which is salmon fresh Malaysia.


After preparing the ingredient, now let’s cook! But how? Trust me this is a very easy recipe for you to try. Kids also can try to cook using this recipe. Now, let’s try it!

First of all, boil the water but make sure the water is really hot.
Put all the ingredients except the Lemon.
Then, wait around 2-3 minutes.
Put the lemon.
Wait for about 2 minutes.
Put the salmon fish but make sure the skin is above.
Close the pan and wait about 20 minutes.
Serve it!

Easy right? Trust me even though the recipe is very simple but really worth it. I am pretty sure you will get to taste the really nice salmon fresh Malaysia. If you haven’t cook it yet go buy some stuff to cook salmon fresh Malaysia. It is really delicious! Just a tip that i want to share which is when you cook the salmon fresh Malaysia make sure do not cook using a recipe that so has many ingredients and things to do because the original taste for the salmon will disappear. You not going to taste it the same anymore and not to mention that when you cook with too many ingredients sometimes it can make the benefit like Omega 3 and Vitamin B missing so try to avoid that and happy cooking!

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