How to choose a diet?

Choosing for ourselves food , lifestyle, clothes and solving numerous other issues, we take into account our interests, acquaintances and desires. However, what is good for you, such as a vessel-cleansing diet, may not appeal to you and cause depression. Over the course of 6–7 years, I gradually came to a certain nutritional system close to vegetarianism: I began to exclude white bread, milk, and eggs, using the results of allergy tests.

I had headaches, my skin cleansed and morning swelling of the eyelids, which irritated me greatly. Later, since I started to eat more raw vegetables, whole grains and severely limited the number of fish and chickens I eat, my energy increased and became comparable to the activity of 20-30 year old people. Rita has been studying nutrition since she was 18 years old. Although she knows more about her, she continues to be bothered by swelling, a chronic infection, poor skin, and it is difficult for her to concentrate while reading.

In 1988, Rita consulted with a nutrition specialist regarding diet.suitable for glaucoma. Naturally, he recommended that she eat natural food and eliminate supplements. At first she broke the diet by drinking a bottle of soda water, and felt pain in both forearms. She asked her consultant, and he told her that the discomfort should disappear in two days. And so it happened.

Now Rita strictly adheres to the diet and believes that this is of great importance for IOP. For three months, her pressure dropped by 5 units. A year later, during a vacation, her diet was interrupted, and pressure again rose by the same 5 units. Rita immediately resumed the diet, and the next time she checked her pressure was again 5 units lower. She often receives compliments about the figure. Her chronic infection is under control. Swelling of the hands, face and legs have passed.

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