Broadband Companies in Malaysia

There are several companies in Malaysia that provide internet broadband to citizens all across Malaysia. These internet service providers come in all sorts of internet speeds, prices and packages to provide options to every type of citizen with different plans for different needs for different people. Most of these packages and plans are affordable at best. You can get value deals at affordable prices. For example, tm unifi provides 300 mbps wifi at an affordable RM149 per month. There are also other internet service provider companies that offer fast internet speeds at affordable prices. In this article, we will mention the various different broadband companies in Malaysia. For more articles similar to this one, click here

We will make a list of all the internet service providers in Malaysia and talk about the benefits as well as some of their package prices for each company. Let’s first talk about tm unifi. TM Unifi is a broadband company that has been around ever since Malaysia first received the internet. It has been known as Telekom Malaysia and they first started offering their internet packages under the name of Streamyx. These packages ranged from 0.5mbps to 5mpbs. Pretty slow speeds right? This is because the internet was still at its infancy during that time. From the early 90s to the late 2000s, Streamyx has been the most popular internet package. With millions of Malaysians subscribed to the affordable packages such as 5mbps for RM50 per month. Starting from the early 2010s, TM developed a new branch of internet packages. This time, under the name of Unifi. Unifi was the first home broadband internet that uses fiber based internet cables. Fiber optics provided much faster internet speeds than its predecessor. This allowed users to enjoy fast internet speeds from 30mbps up to 500mbps. When people switched from Streamyx to Unifi, TM became the most subscribed to internet service provider in Malaysia. Providing reliable internet services to almost everyone in Malaysia.

Next, we’ll talk about Maxis. Maxis started off as a telecommunication company founded in 1993. Their main speciality was providing customers with telco plans for those with mobile phones by providing sim cards for people to make calls and text messages using SMS. Maxis has been one of the leading telecommunications companies with millions of people subscribed and providing reliable coverage and internet speeds. Maxis only recently branched into providing home broadband internet services by launching Maxis fiber broadband in 2011. By offering high speed internet for their users, they have become a successful competitor for TM Unifi. Although Maxis does not make their main income from providing fiber internet, they mostly make their money from providing millions of users with a telecommunications service instead.

Finally we’ll talk about Time. Time internet has been one of the leading internet service providers in providing the fastest internet service for its customers. Time achieves this by only providing internet services to those living in high rise condominiums. As they cannot use the land lines that have been set up by TM, they have to resort to only providing internet to condominium residents. Time has been known to give the fastest internet speeds by being the first home broadband internet company in Malaysia with Gigabit internet speeds.

In conclusion, these are some of the internet service providers in Malaysia that we have listed. Feel free to choose your own internet service provider based on their prices and membership perks.

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