Adult’s Common Problems

Adult’s Common Problems

Do you ever get tired of being an adult? Not being able to enjoy the things you always do like you used to? When we were children, we thought being adults is great. We look up to adults and adore them, and we thought how nice it would be to have money and commitments, and work, and being able to provide. We thought. But now that we have grown, there are not many days that we would not want to be children back. Is it really hard being an adult? What really are our problems as adults? Why could not we strive like how we dreamed about it?

First of all, people hardly give a damn about how we feel inside. Why? Because typically, it becomes a tradition for people to accept that we have grown, we have feelings and we just have to suck it up whatever we feel inside. In a way, opening up is never an option, because why would we? No one cares. But I feel like everyone has their own problems that they wish they could rant out, you know. Because if not, their behaviors would not be affected by how they feel if they say they are okay.

Second of all, most common problems for almost everyone, except for the people who basically live on their parents’ money. I cannot believe I am saying this, but it’s true. Growing up, we want to have a car, a big mansion, the coolest smartphone, and other things. But who were we kidding, all those things require commitments, commitments of paying it on time? Not to mention if malaysia casino website require maintenance. That is why you could see people are doing investments, playing trading stocks on Forex, playing online gambling, or perjudian online. Those decisions were made to help themselves out, so they could support themselves other than their own salaries.

Last but not least, the fact that adults have to always keep up. No one and I mean no one is trying to compete with one another. But sometimes it feels like a competition, who gets married first, who gets the highest salary job first, who gets to finish their studies first. Even if we do not want to, sometimes it is out of our control. Especially with the presence of social media in our cultures, people seem to share their journey and lives every day and we are completely happy for them but sometimes we could just not help it.

In conclusion, everyone goes through a lot of things every day, and they are probably not saying anything to anyone. But day by day, people just keep getting meaner every day. I feel like people should be kind to each other, but it is honestly getting bad. Cases for suicide have been increasing in every country because of pressure, bullies, and so much more. I am sure if everyone is nice to each other, appreciate each and everyone’s presences, we would definitely make this world a better place for our future youth.

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